Today issues is THIEF.

Cace have lost his money. Rm50 notes if I`m not mistaken. I heard. He seemed furious.

I am offended. I thought the house I am living in is a house where trust is no issues at all. I thought I am sharing the house with peoples I can trust. Safe. Happening. Comfortable. That is what I thought.

But now, I am worried. What if I am the next victim. What if my stuff is stolen. I don`t mind if the term used is SHARING but please do not steal my stuff, especially my pets and laptop of course.

Sheessh. Life is so hard. I really, really, really , really hopes that Cace`s money is not stolen but basically MISPLACE. Everyone knew Cace. He misplace everything. If only there is a thief in the house, I can ensure myself to be not comfy at all till the end of the semester.

P-E-E x A-S-S: May good protect me and my stuff. And I miss my hamsters.

I cant believe it, I am studying at Nash Donut alone. Wow. The unbelieveable part is I AM STUDYING. I mean, actually studying. Haha.

2 gosip liar:


September 26, 2009 at 9:04 AM

i love my hamsters too.
jum kawenkan dorang!
masao tak kisah kalau misae curang.
boleh kita jadi biras.

(masao and misae are my hamsters. =P)


September 26, 2009 at 9:18 AM

peh. masao, misae. haha.kewl.