kami suka raya.

Siapa tak suka raya?
Bagi aku satu nama je. Just ONE and I`ll rest my case.

Takde kan. So, case closed. I win.

Like I said, Raya is all about shopping and Almond London of course.And tart nenas jugak.

But the biscuits can wait. Lets talk about shopping.

"Shopping is the examining of goods or services from retailers with the intent to purchase at that time. Shopping is an activity of selection and/or purchase. In some contexts it is considered a leisure activity as well as an economic one." Wikipedia cakap.

Aku cakap "Shopping is the best way to give your dad heart attack".

Tu aku. Kara cakap "Shopping is a form of therapy, i.e retail therapy". Dia suka kasut. Dah lama tak nampak dia. Nanti la cari dia.

Zati cakap " Shopping! Wat nape gak shopping? Dok boring ke shopping". Peh. Memang sedap hidup aku macam ni.

Khai cakap " Shopping, I amek je. I nak beli something yang I boleh pakai kat kampus". Literally speaking, she`s serious.

Kesimpulannya, everyone has their own opinion on shopping. And I don`t really give a damn about it.

Enough with the introduction. It is time for me to brag. Uh.. We went shopping. And by we I mean my friends and I. And by shopping I mean buying stuffs,not trying stuffs. Apart from just shopping, we have a great times.

If only I have a Canon EOS 5D Mark II or Canon EOS 50D, my life would have be happier.

First, we went shopping. Woohoo.

Then, we ended up hanging around Padang Kota, devour all sort of foods that we found. And of course, took pictures of our shadows.

We love shopping and If Raya is the day where all of us can gathered and spend money together, then We Love Raya.

2 gosip liar:


September 29, 2009 at 9:24 PM

g shopping ke???window shopping jezzz lazzz...ehehheeh..hensemnye mamat abju hitam 2...heheheh


September 30, 2009 at 4:49 AM

boo sama dia.