Story nak raya:edisi nak balik raya

16th September 2009

I woke UP.

GO to Perda for Thermodynamic Class.

Returned home and take a quick nap.

I woke UP at 1.30P.M. and realized that it is not a quick nap.

I wash my face and put on clothes. I skipped shower two times and start feeling dizzy and nausea with my body smells.

I went to class. MATHEMATICS class. I heard there`s a QUIZ. I opened the text book and peruse it. I pick up formulas and memorize it. I`m ready for QUIZ.

The Lecturer is here. The class started. Bla, bla, bla. She teaches Inflection Points. I learned Asymptotes. She explained about TEST 2. I drew a picture of a LION on the desk. She came to me. I smiled and nodded. She left. I put my head on the desk and started counting sheep.

She closed the book and called it a day. I am confused. I looked at Helmi. I looked at Mu. They looked back at me. They looked happy. A voice came out from the crowd, “Miss, bukan ada QUIZ ke?”. Uhh. I am getting excited waiting for her answers. She smiled and said, “Oh, saya lupa. Kenapa tak ingatkan saya”. I put on a big smile. Mu put on a surprise smile. Helmi put on a blur smile. The guy at my back smiled plainly. Everyone smiled. I am happy.

I left the class. I walk to the elevator and bump into Helmi. He`s going back to KL with Mia on Thursday. Additional Information, 20% discount on the toll from 12.01am till 6am. Wou. He left. I walked to the faculty. I bump into Shidan. I say hi. I continue walking. I take the stairs. I take the elevator. I met Madam Hawa. I smiled. She plainly smiled back to me. At least she smiled. I walked to the faculty. I opened the door and walked to the second room looking for Madam Siti Fatimah. She teaches Unit Operation. I say hi. I gave my test paper. She asked me to write my marks on a paper myself. I did so. She complained about others who haven’t fill in her “Mark sheet”. I put on a defended on behalf of my friends. “They might be busy”, I said. I take a look at the mark sheet. Fatah and Aide`s are still blank. I called Aide asking his mark. And I asked Fatah`s too. I fill in the blank. I smiled to her and said “I think I should go. I`m going to Kedah.”, She smiled and say “OK. Selamat Hari Raya ya”. I walked to the door and saw Miss Linda. I stop by her desk and said, “Miss, dah shopping raya belum?”. She replied “Belum. Awak balik bila?”. “Esok pagi. Kejap lagi saya balik Kedah dengan Aide. Saya tumpang sepupu balik Raya”, I replied. She ended, “Oh, Selamat Hari Raya la, nanti kirim salam semua”. I smiled and said “Ok miss. Bye-bye miss”. I think I`m a bit over reacted. I wave and shouted Bye-Bye. All lectures put their eyes on me. I smiled and ran from the room. Uhhh. Such a so inappropriate, rude and unprofessional student I am. But it is ok. I am proud of myself. I am proud with my marks. I am just not proud with my Chemical Process Principle mark.

I arrived home. I take a shower. I dressed up. I started packing. I have to leave my hamsters. I`m feel terrible. I missed them. We left around 5pm. And the bike was pack with bags. The road was packs with cars and big lorry. And I am worried.

The journey to Sungai Petani is quite plain. Aide is driving patiently and with full focus. I am bored and I am hesitated to talk. I looked up. I looked down. I looked left. I looked right. The greeneries erased my boredom. I started enjoying the journey. I saw birds. I like birds. We met Cikon. She`s alone. She`s going back to Sungai Petani too. Do have a safe journey Cikon.

We arrived at Kedah. Aide left me at Tesco. After a warm farewell shake hand, he left for his home. I sat at the stairs waiting for my cousin. And there she is. I`m here Kak Na. I stand up and walked to her. I entered the car and sat silently.

For dinner, we have Popiah. I am starving. I want to eat something else. But I am hesitated to anger her. I just ate. After dinner I sat down hungrily and hope for foods. “Me want food”, my stomach keeps sending those messages to my brain again and again and again causing me to feel hungry. Yes, I am hungry.

When I am hungry, I feel bored and when I feel bored I post something stupid….. like this. Haha.

2 gosip liar:


September 26, 2009 at 8:51 AM

aku tak tahu macam mana aku boleh gigih baca sampai habis.
aku tak tahu..


September 26, 2009 at 9:14 AM

sebab ko rajen kot. haha.aku nak tulis pon malas.