indie roar.

singapore have every reason to be excited about this year. it is the country`s 45th year of independence, and it slowly coming out of last year`s murky recession. but more than that, singaporeans should be thrilled about the past, present and future of the country`s indie rock scene. and to trigger such a celebration is a three-disc compilation called +65 Indie Underground, curating the finest in Lion City indie over the past 20 years.

the tittle makes a dual-pronged reference to singaporean`s country code, as well as acknowledging the year it become an independent nation. and in the album, "forefathers" like Zircon Lounge and Humpback Oak can be found alongside cult faves like The Boredphucks and The Mother, new bands like The POstbox and TYpewriter, and perennial flag-bearers like Plainsunset and Concave Scream.

it is a magnificent collection, to say the least,and destined to be rocognised as a significant placeholder of regional indie. while widespread popularity and radio airplay continues to evadethese act for the moment, the producer remains encouraged by the steady growth- locally and internationally- for a handful of artists like Electrico, Great Spy Experiment and The Analog Girl. It is a collective whole.

sooner or later, that album will become mine. mine. mine.

p/s: checkout SLEEQ`s songs too oke. quite cool.

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February 10, 2010 at 11:54 PM

paramore datang singapore.
paramore tak datang malaysia.


jum pegi singapore paiz

  manusia berupa ultraman

February 11, 2010 at 12:45 AM


my bro boughtthis their latest album for his gf from spore..

quite cool.. :)