Quiz and me.

7th August 2009

I am supposed to have just one class today which will be Unit Operation of course. Quite known as one of the killer subject, as it always caused at least half of the students of a class had to repeat it again. I actually had a plan to go camping that evening at some place that we haven’t decided yet but somehow we turned out to be attending a make-up Thermodynamic class. Miss Chang class, who would miss it? Wait, I am wronged. It had to be Madam Chang or Madam Avon. I heard this from Miss Linda during our gossiping session a couple days ago – not actually a real gossip session.

"Someone inside me: Dude, I`m not GAY enough to be gossiping about peoples, can`t blame me for being me,ok."

Well, she told me Madam Chang had already married a few months ago and that really broke my heart as I actually thinks that I might have a chance on her,haha.

"Someone inside me: Go to HELL dude. Seriously!"

And Madam Chang is actually a Christian and her Christ name is Avon. Cool name isn’t. Avon, if I`m no mistaken is a brand name of a shampoo or not.

Nevertheless, the class was magnificent. I completely understand everything that she teaches –maybe. I sat next to Hakim, a former housemate of mine. He moves out from the house recently, and now he`s staying with Abu, Atif and Syafiq. I had no ideas on why he moves but I definitely not interested in losing friends- if you know what I mean. However, in my opinions, a fight between him and other housemate should not involve other peoples. Am I right? Well, just imagine how hard it will be for us if it turns out that we need to choose who we want to be friend with-either Hakim or Him? I hope I`ll never have my life that difficult. I have enough hard-time, from my family and I definitely don’t need more.

Enough of the drama! Then, we have and simple quiz on previous chapter and I am not doing well. How much do I got? I`ll keep that to myself, thank you! haha. Let just say that, quiz and I will never be together. We are not mean to be together. We hate each other. How can I love quiz of I score less than 4 when then total mark is 7. Horrible! Terrifying! That`s all I could say.

Others new stuff recently happened:

6th August 2009: I bought 2 pairs of shirts, a white plain t-shirt from F.O.S and a nice black, collar shirt from a not-so-popular boutique in Jusco, Bintang. It cost me around Rm50 for both. I have to say it is quite cheap as I got myself that F.O.S t-shirt for only Rm10 on a ½ promotion- damn, I am so lucky.

7th August 2009: Just some additions ok. I went out at Jusco with Hasreen after class. Then, I went for a basketball game inside the Uitm-at Zamrud`s basketball court. It was awesome. Aide`s all over himself complaining about the court. So as Ajiem, but to Najmi and I, it is awesome. It is dark and wet. It`s raining cat and dog and the court it not provided with light source. So, we played under the full moon and it was challenging. Too bad for aide as he couldn’t see anything-he wore spectaculars and it is raining. And today, In-team is here. I am not fan-never listened to their songs actually. But there seems like there`s actually peoples who worship them. Trust me, I am not lying. They sold a one-page calendar at a price of Rm5 for 3. And one needs to have a calendar if they want their signature. A really good business plan but dude, we`re students we can`t afford that- actually we can.

"Someone inside me: Dude, why did u even care? U didn’t even know who they are?"

But the best part of today is I met my old friend, roommate, brother IQBAL. He is here for a “nasyid” competition. Some form of a singing competition, except for the songs that they sang is about religion and definitely not something like “Good girl go bad by Cobra Starship” or “Konflik Metropolis by Komplot”. Gosh, I just love KOMPLOT. Yeah. KOMPLOTAN, they do rock. Haha.

Updated status:



HOBBIES: Go to the ATM


P/s: ATM stands for Automatic Teller Machine- I think. You can withdraw money and transfer money to me using it. And yeah, the tittle don`t fit the post but like i care.


-You`ll love it.

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