choosing a life path.

Tomorrow will be 15th August 2009. For part 5 students of UITMPP, there`ll be a stupid course about resume and how to get a job. Frankly speaking, the topic that will be discussed during that one day course is totally boring and stupid of course. And to some peoples it is some kind of a “GEEK” discussion group. Ewww..

I don’t know about other people but me, I have 2 choices of spending my Saturday. HOW?

1. I could go to that freaking-unbelievable-geek course and spend my day off listening to a big, fat speaker explaining to us how to get a job, OR

2 Just go to a gig at QE II in Penang with my faithful friends jumping up and down while KOMPLOT performed Konflik Metrapolis.

Which one will I choose? Let`s wait and see. Haha.

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