yes dear,im thinking.

dah lama tak update. laa, betul la.dah lama gila kan. aku baru perasan. kalau ikut hati memang aku dah update hari hari tapi idea kurang. kaki mengarut pun kalau hari hari mengarut benda sama,saham pun lari. nak update apa aku buat,tak boleh sebab open. blog aku terbuka dan tidak diprivasikan lagi,tatkala itu sebarang update update yang merangkumi aspek aspeke ke-diarian adalah telah diharam kan dalam list privasi aku. pathetic is a harsh word my dear and i dont want to look pathetic writing and telling everyone around my everyday`s activities. to others,yeah no doubt that it might look oke,but for me things like that is uh waaaaaaaaay absurd. and yada,yada,yada,etc,etc,etc,push stop. 

*taking a deep breath*

life is despicable and again,yada,yad,yada. boring..... why am i writing this? correct my dear,aku bosan. hari hari bukak blog, update orang lain is seriusli melambak. aku? siot, hampeh. malas is a proud word. haha.

last night, im having a deep conversation,plus cat fight,plus dog fight, plus plus plus with shasha about rebellious people. why? well she`s in charge for dicipline. and i said rebellious people is again,yada yada yada. facts are boring,yes i know that. and bla bla bla. end.

and today,
i think i need to do update. so i update. but i dont know what to write.

i wanna write about my new year resolutions but im saving that for 31st of december. It is new year. so let it be the new year issues. 

then im having this sort of kenduri kendara in perak. specifically at kuala kangsar at my friend`s house,shah. he`s polytechnic student,here in seberang perai and he`s off on vacation. so he invite me since i have a great,strong bond with him and his housemates. well, we are in our age. so,there`s no doubt of fitting in. so, we`re cool. eheks. but im thinking of going there a bit early. the kenduri is on 2nd, im going on 28th or 29th. as im thinking of meeting another friend of mine, iqbal,my ex-housemate during part one and visiting mas,jo`s fiancee. well, the bonding is the point of visiting. plus, im thinking of learning rubber-tapping. shah have a big rubber plantation and his dad is like crazy about it. he told me he`s going to tap the rubber trees on 31st dec and i am like,siot ah a chances to learn rubber-tapping. wow.

seriusli,think about it. rubber-tapping seem fun right. and since, im in chemical engineering and actually learn the process of rubber in industrial process theoritically, so im thinking, oh why dont i try it practically. it seemed fun. yeah, some people might think im crazy to wake up way early in the morning-which i never did, and enter the darkness of the plantation-im afraid of darkness and do tapping. well, for me it is a hell of experience. new experience,challenge,and im thinking of adventure. so,why not. fun is the point of life apparently is devoted to try new things. and again,im thinking of this philosopy of mine that i quote from my gradpa, "live no tomorrow". 

sazzy falak: explaination pliss.
me: sabor la kak.

for me,it stand that what if today is the last day?what if there not going to be another day? what if it end tonight? so, live your best. do everything your want to do. take the risks lightly. what can happen tomorrow, if there`s no tomorrow, i assumed nothing. so do it. try new things. and dont regret it. 

yada,yada,yada. :)
and im coming home on 2nd with hot,gorgeous qhalela salim a going on part three student of mechanical engineering. she`s driving. great experience and we can tighten our friendship bonding. it worth.

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December 27, 2009 at 8:06 AM

kalau orang upadate blog macam diari ,means macam tulis apa yang dia buat ,baik takpayah .diari kan privasi .


December 28, 2009 at 5:47 AM

betul. kau bijak