Gentlemen`s Day Out.

Last night, I went to Ampang Jajar like always. I skates. Luckily yesterday,im not alone. Well of course cace`s there but i mean there`re other skateboarders too. There`s Mie Gila and I-dont-know-who skateboarder which i believe is a student of UITMPP just like me. We skates. Awesome tricks by them. i Enjoyed it.

Nearby Ampang Jajar,there`s a Night Market.
- a place where we (My housedudes and i) have our dinner. We have Kuew Tiew.I have to confess that Kuew Tiew do taste good.

Then, We bought a bundles of DURIAN which is sold for Rm2 for eh 1KG. Quite cheap and they do smells good. So as their taste.

We bought 6Durian for Rm21 and went to Pantai Bersih for Durian`s Party. It was lovely. These Durians do taste good and sweet.

We ate and ate until we were full. Since we have some leftover we kindly offered to the group next to us. They are in a group of 3 and they were fishing and do camp fire. Such a kind person are we isn`t. Haha.

Then, we stand in a circle at the seashore and talked about experiences and HAKIM. HAKIM is our housemate. Another housemate,who as told by Ajiem is trying to get himself away from us. Why? Well, the term is LOVE. Haha. I wonder why humans have been obessed to LOVE? This phenomenon seemed to grow each year. In my opinion, LOVE is just a form of an emotional blackmail which is isn`t good. And i certainly not believe in LOVE-so far.

Nevertheless, I am ignoring these Hakim`s whatever stuff they`re talking about as I am soo not interested. Why? This stuff is for adults and my maturity is in form5-perhaps. Haha.

Then, we have camp fire. They`re still talking-Bla,bla,bla. I started sleepy. I yawn 6 times in a row-beat my record guys. Haha. These group of IDIOTs i`ve been making friends enjoyed farts. WHY? Dont Tell me. Haha. But still, U rawks guys.

And again i was sleepy and I started thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking and almost assleep. In the end, we went home and YES, I SLEEP. Haha.

P/s 1: DURIAN-1327.Muah.
P/s 2: Don`t know why but Cace reminds me of my father. Haha. They screams.

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