Decisions I make.

I woke up early battling my tutorial questions of thermodynamic with my faithful grey mechanical pencil and shess, trust me, it is hard to solve. I have to refer to more than two references including internet. Haha. Yes, I am changed. What..? You heard me. I am changed. Trust me Miss, I`ll make your job easier again. Haha. Sorry for all the troubles and thanks for these advices and consultations. Glad, it is free. Haha.

That morning I have my class at perda. Ohh Miss Chang class really makes me interested. She is a new lecturer of my faculty and teaching me Thermodynamic. She is cute and childish.

Me: I adore her.

The other me: And she turned me on.

*Slap me people*

I had my class form 8am till 10am. Next class at 2pm. I am so tired and thinking of skipping classes for my very first time for this semester but god blessed me, the campus was ordered to be closed starting 2pm that day. I was preparing for class that time. Actually deciding what should I wear for class that evening,haha.


Me: What is that?

The other me: It`s your cellphone you asshole.

Me: ohh.


ME: What the…. YEY.. * I jumped*







By: Bunkface.

ME: Yes..

….: Kampus tutup..

Me: So?

….: Balik op?

Me: dok taw ag?nape?

….: saje tnye.

Me: oo.okei3. Mesej ah..


*YEAP.Revolusi is my ringtone.*

Then, my housemates came home jumping out of joys saying they`re going home and bought the tickets already. I plainly smile. I`m in confused of where should I headed this break. Seems like, there`s me and fatah at home.Fatah is being considerate of not leaving me home alone. That is what friend is for. Thanks Dude. But me, I`m all head-aching. I can`t figured where to go. Yes, Fattah is going to keep me company but I `m to going to be a burden. He misses home. Unlike me. That night, we went camping. There`s me,fatah,aide and cace. I think I spoilt the camping trip. At first I`m the one who was all excited and enthusiastic with it but that night, I was covered with the mist of confusion. I can`t decide what to do. And gloom all night. Sorry guys, i`ll make that up to u? If only I have money. I can ensure u,i`ll fly to Mexico spreading my sperm over the city. Haha.

That morning at first I made up my mind that,

“Yes Farid, i`ll follow you to Langkawi”.

Farid, a housemate of mine, is going to Langkawi, seeing his dad and take his dad`s car home. Well actually,take that car to Penang. Then,fatah was all like I can`t,I need to save up mood. To be honest, it was irritating as at first he do plan to join the trip but I speaks feeling and I feel him.

Sorry Farid,maybe next time.

So,I went to the Jetty and bought a train ticket for Aen. Then, I went bowling. While bowling I think and decide to return home but with the longest time taken journey. Yes,Train. I take a train for Butterworth with aen to KL. Haha. Believe me, we got all obsessed with internet till we online in the train. Luckily I have my broadband with me. The next morning, we had breakfast at KL central. And I rent a room at some cheap hotel to store my stuff and showering. No, we are not staying in the same room. I am a good boy ok. And probably still a virgin. It is me alone while Aen just take her shower at some eight ringgit bathroom-without towel. Haha. Then, while waiting for my next train at 8.30pm that night, she showed me KL. Nice places and food. Huh,but we haven’t tried haagen Dasz. Haha. Looking around time square for it but it`s not there. A well spend moment.

The next day,

YES, I am home.

Ok guys, have your popcorn ready. The drama is going to start.





I`m bored and spend my days with a lot of MTVs and Vchannel.

Not forgetting HALMARK-The Nanny (I am all hooked up with Fran Fine). and 711`s programme.

Yeah. I repeated that again and again and again and again while thinking what excuse I should use to run away to Penang. Hmm.

So, don`t ask me what I do during my break ok..

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Currently download : “IN FOR THE KILL” by LA ROUX

P/S : To miss Linda, thanks a lot and please keep the link to my blog to yourself k. Thanks.

P/S 2: I need FOODs. Real FOODs.

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